Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First week of September

Hello All!

Here's the veggie list, and below is a message from the Good life Farm, just up the road. They have organic turkeys for sale that are rotated over pasture, and fed ALL ORGANIC FEED. This is somewhat unusual.
At the bottom of the email is information about an upcoming Harvest Dinner at Autumn's Harvest to benefit Healthy Food For All.

This week's veggies:
tomatoes - try an heirloom if you haven't. You will be richly rewarded. They aren't bred for looks so guess what they are bred for.
peppers - these beauties are still rolling out of the greenhouses. I saute them in oil til they are caramelized. Sometime I mix in squash.
cabbage - fresh and crisp
carrots - these did great this summer!
beets - I boil a couple of these and keep them in the fridge - sliced and ready to go on anything.
basil - we make pesto every other week or so. No problem getting the kids to eat that!
hot peppers
head lettuce - looking good with all the rain
squash - I slice these in thin rounds, pile them in a pan of hot olive oil or butter or both and then ply them with salt and pepper, and then saute them until they are super caramelized. Don't stop cooking them too soon, because the more done they are, the better. We literally eat this almost every day.
cukes - they're gone folks! That's what eating seasonally is all about. We won't eat cukes again until next June.
celery - this celery makes a soup. So good!
bok choi - saute this up and eat as a side
escarole or endive

all unlimited -
tomatillo, basil - its BACK, cilantro/dill, kale, chard, flowers, beans - new patch, edemame, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, paste (sauce) tomatoes
We are still holding off on the raspberries. They are funny this year. We will let you know about them asap.

This year, get your pasture-raised, organic grain-fed Thanksgiving Turkey at the Good Life Farm

Curious about what makes our birds special? Good Life turkeys get organic grain and rotate daily through rich and diverse forage of alfalfa, mixed grass among asparagus and orchard trees. They love the shade and variety in the pasture! Our management means that our turkeys are able to make maximum use of forage through constant access to fresh grazing, and the asparagus and fruit trees benefit from their manure, insect-eating and general weeding activity. This integrated system exemplifies Good Life management.

Come see for yourself at our Visit Your Turkey Day - Sunday, Oct. 9, 1-4p.

Reserve your Thanksgiving bird today!

Price is $4.25/lb.

On-Farm Pick-Up in Interlaken,

5 mi. from Trumansburg

Group delivery in Ithaca and Geneva- details to follow

Contact Melissa Madden, Good Life Farmer

(607) 351 3313



Join us for an exquisite meal that supports the efforts of local farms to share the bountiful harvest of healthy food in our region with all!

Our next fine dining benefit gala will be Saturday, September 17th at Autumn's Harvest Farm with Simply Red Bistro and Hosmer Winery.

The event will start at 5:00pm with a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception in the fields with live music and an optional farm tour followed by a five-course menu inspired by the season paired with award winning wine.

Anyone who...
Savors extraordinary food with flare celebrates one of our regions most accomplished chefs, Samantha Buyskes (formerly Izzo)
Loves locally and humanely produced meat knows farm-owners Sarah and Timothy Hawes
Appreciates fine wine is grateful for winemaker Aaron Roisen

If that team doesn't already blow you away we are pleased to announce our special guest, Leslie Muhlhahn, from Just Desserts to ensure everyone raves about their harvest dinner experience for years!

Tickets start at $75 (all-inclusive) and can be purchased online at www.healthyfoodforall.org or by calling 607-342-8845. Seating is limited so don't delay! For more info

Proceeds go to Healthy Food for All, a partnership of family-owned farms and Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County to make fresh seasonal produce accessible to households with limited income.

Staying a night, or week? Please consider extending your glorious experience of the Finger Lakes at the Gothic Eves Bed and Breakfast. For more info and B&B reservations please go to http://www.gothiceves.com or call 607-387-6033. Sponsored by the Tompkins County Tourism Program.


For Information on Healthy Food For All:

Contact: Elizabeth V. Karabinakis, Cornell Cooperative Extension
Phone: 607-272-2292

For Harvest Dinners on the Farm Reservations or Ticket Sales:
Contact: Samantha Castillo-Davis, Harvest Dinner Reservations Volunteer
Phone: 607-342-8845
Online purchase:

Volunteer Opportunities:
HealthyFoodForAll.Ithaca@gmail.com or 607-272-2292

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