Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Berry limit is now 1/2 quart

Hi All,
We just went out to the berry patch and decided that the berries are now open. The Season Limit on the berries is now 1/2 quart. The blackberries and raspberries are combined in this season limit. That is 1/2 quart total of blackberries and raspberries, NOT 1/2 quart of each. The berries are not as good as usual. We think that the super dry weather earlier this summer got them. Hopefully they will shape up as the season progresses. Nonetheless, have fun out there. Please see your member handbook for a full definition of "Season Limit". The handbook is under one of the top tabs on the farm website.

On another note, one of our employees has a funeral to attend this Friday, and another employee is on their September vacation, so we are down 2 hands this Friday harvest and could really use some help! Maybe this is that chance that you've been waiting for to get to see a farm harvest up close and personal. Harvesting is fun, try it out! Shoot me an email if you'd like to help out. Kids are completely welcome.

See you around,

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