Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, August 29, 2011

Week of August 29th

Hellooooo out there!

The farm is pumping out the produce right now - whooo-eeee! That hurricane rain did us well and everything looks happy.

Here is a note from our lovely, all volunteer Farm Events Coordinator..... Flannery!

Stop by and say hello to Anna Root at this Tuesday's distribution. She will be sharing her bento lunch
boxes and will be available to talk about using veggies in various creative ways.

There sure are a lot of tomatoes in the field and blackberries and raspberries will be coming soon!
If anyone out there wants to share their expertise and offer a canning or jamming workshop,
I'd love to help make it happen.

A new menu is up with a Moosewood theme. Hip hip hooray for the CSA!

And this from the farmer across the street:


We will have sweet corn for sale again this week $5/dozen.

This is our last planting and is the variety “Delectable” which has big

ears and is the best tasting in my opinion.

Thanks, Rod

This week's veggies:
celery, summer squash, cukes, beets, carrots, head lettuce, cabbage, peppers, collards, kale, chard, escarole/endive, pac choi, hot peppers, tomatoes

dill and cilantro - greens
green dill seed - just pick the heads and use the green seeds in slaws, bread, and soup
hot peppers - two locations, check out the farm map
tomatillos - two locations as well - check map. Should be picked when the fruits are busting out of the husk. See u-pick board for illustration
basil - it's back! It should be cut low to encourage lots of regrowth. See u-pick board for illustration
edemame - these are a new patch - see farm map
green beans - the old patch is done, and the next patch is about a week away.
cherry tomatoes - bazillions!
paste tomatoes - we tried a new variety this year. We like last year's kind better so will go back to them next year.
kale, chard, flowers
We are holding off on the raspberries for one more week. There are not enough ready out there to open them up. We've never seen them this slow to ripen and think that it must be due to the super dry weather this summer.

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