Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, March 11, 2013

Great Greens Give-Away Saturday March 16th, 1-3 pm

Hello all,

The 2013 Fifth Annual Great Greens Give-Away is this Saturday MARCH 16th, 1-3 PM.

 Come on out to the farm on Saturday, March 16th for the 5th annual GREAT GREENS GIVE AWAY from 1-3 pm and get some fresh greens! Sign up for a share and, armed with a pair of scissors ( bring your own shears or scissors if you have them), head on into one of the greenhouses and harvest one bursting bag of greens. If greens aren't your style, you can fill part or all of your bag with winter roots (carrots, potatoes, onions, beets, rutabagas, celeriac, turnips, etc). We will also have produce for sale. Bring a friend or two - this event is definitely open to the public.

If you have already signed up for your share before the 16th rolls around, you get two bags to fill! (So, sign up NOW and then come on out to the farm on the 16th and cash in!) Wow. Talk about an incentive. Yes, we are trying to get you to sign up before the event.  All the CSA info is available at www.sweetlandfarm.org.  You can send a check made out to Sweet Land Farm to:

Sweet Land Farm
9732 Route 96
Trumansburg, NY 14886

To clarify, if you sign up for a share at the event, you get one bag of produce. If you sign up by Friday the 15th at the latest, you get 2 bags of produce.

Early sign-ups help us with cash flow and our general peace of mind. This is the season for all of us CSA farmers to bite our nails and wonder whether anyone is actually going to sign up again this year. So come on out and ease our minds and get some goodies in the process!

Every year a couple of CSA members come and help us with the Greens Give-Away. If you would like to come and help us out, email me! We'd love the help, and it's fun.

 This is a one-time event, if you miss it there are no make-ups. You may send
a friend in your stead.


We will have a tent set up on Saturday for other CSAs that will be distributing here at Sweet Land this year.  There will be samples and products for sale and an  opportunity to sign up for their CSA shares here at Sweet Land.  Here are the following CSAs:

BREAD- Wide Awake Bakery
APPLES- Hemlock Grove CSA
CHEESE- Kenton's Cheese Co. CSA
MEALS- Crooked Carrot

Special April (Earth Day) wellness discount:

MASSAGE- Evie Bellinger- Reville

More details about the CSAs and a special wellness offer for Sweet Land Farm members are listed below.

OK! We hope to see you on Saturday!
Paul Martin


BREAD - Wide Awake Bakery
We bake in partnership with Farmer Ground Flour in Trumansburg and with Oeschner Farms in Newfield, and most of our bread is made from organic grains grown and milled right here. We build our bread by hand, ferment it long, and bake it in the heat of wood fire. We distribute our bread in Trumansburg and in Ithaca, and our new breadshare system (we call it a CRUST FUND) is remarkably flexible and convenient.
It starts when you are ready to start, and you can change it as you go.  This summer we will be distributing breadshares at Sweet Land Farm, so you can pick up your bread along with your other treasures. If you would like bread this summer, or next week, or even this week, visit wideawakebakery.com or give a call 607-279-7311 . We’ll get you and bread together.
APPLES - Hemlock Grove CSA
Hemlock Grove Farm will be offering their certified organic apples and delicious cider through a biweekly CSA share September - Thanksgiving. Each distribution will include at least two freshly picked varieties of apples, with the variety selection changing as the season progresses. We will distribute sign up information and more details early in the summer. Please contact us at hemlockgrovefarm@gmail.com  for more details.
High Point is a sustainable pasture-based meat farm located 1 mile North of Sweetland Farm. From June to November 2013 High Point will offer a pick up for their MEAT CSA at Sweet Land Farm. High Point Farms’ Flexible Choice CSA works more like a “buying club.” PART of the share is chosen by the Farm and the rest is credits given to members to shop from the on-line store from what cuts are available that month. High Point offers 2 different size Meat Shares as well as a Chicken Share. Pick up is once a month and all meats are frozen.
  Visit www.highpointfarms.net  to learn more.  Please contact Tina at 607-387-4950  or highpointfarmstburg@msn.com for information about this year's share.
CHEESE - Kenton's Cheese Co. CSA
Kenton's Cheese Co. produces Bianco, an artisanal brie-style white blooming mold, soft ripened cheese. Made using raw cow's milk produced at our farm west of Trumansburg, Bianco features a mild flavor, creamy texture, and exceptional versatility. Our Bianco cheese share will make an excellent compliment to your other CSAs, and more cheese varieties are on the way.
Pickup schedules are flexible; you can double up or skip pickups as needed. For more information or to sign up send us an email at csa@kentonscheeseco.com or call Avi Miner at 607-227-5173 .
We grow shiitake mushrooms on natural hardwood logs in an outdoor setting; such methods produce the most flavorful, nutrient-packed shiitakes available produced in an ecologically respectful manner. Shiitake shares are a half pound each week starting the first week of June going into the third week of September for a 15 week shiitake season. Season price is $120 which breaks down to $8.00 each week.  Asian cultures in particular appreciate the reputed medicinal properties of shiitakes in boosting immunity and aiding blood chemistry.

MEALS- Crooked Carrot
   Want to cook healthy meals every day, but find you don't have the time?  For those times that you need a quick, delicious whole meal, Crooked Carrot Farm and Kitchen offers biweekly shares of handmade, home-style food- receive the "Cooks' Choice share or build your own personalized share from their menu.  Crooked Carrot cooks year-round from scratch, using fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, beans, and grains-all from their own farm and others within 30 miles of the kitchen.  To learn more, go to www.crookedcarrotcsk.com.


Evie Beliinger-Reville, LMT in Trumansburg, is offering 50% off the regular one-hour massage price of $65, so you pay $32.50 for a one-hour massage! Applies only to new clients who are Sweet Land Farm CSA members, offer is good through the end of April.  Call (607) 793-3159 or email evie.bella.stone@gmail.com. 
Sweet Land Farm CSA
9732 Route 96
Trumansburg, NY 14886

"Growing good food for a better home on earth"

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