Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Sunday, July 1, 2012

This week

Hellllloooo out there!

This is another one of those quick emails, I think it's the heat's fault, but blaming never does any good.  Here goes:

Veggie Forecast:
Head Lettuce - lots of varieties. This is quite the spring for amazing lettuce.
Salad Mix, 
Basil - 
Green Garlic - use just like garlic. It looks just like garlic, except it is super duper fresh. Did I mention that it is garlic as well?
Escarole - time to bone up on your most scrumptious Italian Wedding Soup and Beans and Greens.
Some assortment of the very first summer fruits - cucumbers and  zucchini. 

Raspberries! - 2 quart season limit. They are ripe when they come right off of their peduncle (yes, that is really a word) with out any pulling. They don't store really well for more than 3 days in the fridge - use them soon or freeze them. The further you go from the strawberries the less picked the patch.
Calendula - unlimited - an invigorating bright orange flower over by the bachelor buttons
Bachelor Buttons - unlimited -We mowed down the patch by the shed - it was going on its 4th year. The newer patch is just NW of the shed - it's indicated on the dry erase map. 
The strawberries and peas are all done. The peas are already plowed into the soil. That takes my breath away - to see a crop put back in the soil illustrates so plainly to me that the soil was where it came from. Magic. 

The new SLF bags have arrived. Every brand new share gets one bag. They are also for sale for $5/bag for all returning members who would like one.

Ok! We'll see you soon, 
Happy Eating,

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