Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, June 4, 2012

The CSA Starts This Week!

Alright Everyone,

Here it is, it is officially the first week of CSA distribution! Come on out to the farm between 1-8pm either Tuesday or Friday and pick up your share. The food is all looking really good. Paul or I will be around each day to answer all of your questions, meet all of the new CSA members, and say hi to all of you wonderful returnees. 

We still have shares to sell, if you haven't purchased one yet and would like to, just come on over to one of the distributions and you can get one on the spot.

As you probably know, there are quite a few other CSAs here at the farm this year. There are links to all of their websites on our homepage (below, in sign-off). Expect some tabling the next couple of weeks from these CSAs. At the bottom of this email is a blurb from the Crooked Carrot, one of the fabulous CSAs that will be here this summer.

Vegetable Forecast:

Kale - the first tender leaves of the season
Chard - this is just like spinach. We've been eating spanakopita made of chard for the last couple of weeks
Basil - the first harvest from the greenhouses. This stuff is decadent.
Komatsuna - an Asian braising green (or stir fry)
Green and Red Mustard - SPICY
Pac Choi (Bok Choi, Bok Choy) - I fry this up as a side to almost all of our dinners. Easy way to eat greens
Head Lettuce
Braising Kale - smaller than the field kale, easier to saute

Roots: These were all stored through the winter in our walk-in cooler. These are not left over. These are the essence of slow food and local food security. Paul and I planned out how many of these to grow and store in the late fall of 2010, grew and harvested  them in 2011, and carefully stored them through the winter of 2011-12. And now we eat them. 


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