Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Farming

Hello out there!!

Farmers here. Saying hello. This time of year we send out very short, quick hellos because the warming soil, budding plants, and lengthening evening light makes us a little nutty, and we start having problems stopping farming long enough to do anything else. I'm not complaining. I LOVE IT!! I really really really really do love farming, and the energy of spring is so compelling that we just go with it and FARM! This spring has treated us well. The warm weather we've had has made all of the spring field work a breeze. We're about a month ahead of where we were last year in terms of field work. We aren't planting any earlier because we don't trust that it won't get cold again. We're keeping to our usual seeding schedule, with the only difference being that when we plant, the seedlings germinate quite quickly. Usually it's touch and go in the spring, with seeds germinating very slowly and somewhat irregularly. Not this year! everything is just springing right up, really bad pun intended. Its convenient for us that the season is unusually warm because we are extending the two big greenhouses to about twice their original length. No muddy, snowy, windy freezing days for us working on the greenhouses! No, it's all blue skies, bright yellow forsythia, and green green grass as a building backdrop this year. We'll take it.

We still have PLENTY of CSA shares left and would be ecstatic if everyone would sign up before we start distributing. Come on and join! It will be great! We plan on starting around the beginning of June, maybe the last week of May, depending on the weather. We'll send out an email when we set the start date.

What we worked on last week:
Planted peas, spinach, calendula, larkspur. Ripped out the winter greens from the tunnels. Put up the bows for the 2 greenhouse extensions that we're building. Seeded tomatoes, peppers, and flowers in the greenhouse. Mulched the paths in the strawberries. Renovated around the raspberries. Walked the farm and planned. Made a field of raised beds. Prepared ground for a planting of u-pick grapes, and two rows of Asian pears. Answered lots of emails, set up meetings. What will this week hold?

Alright all,
See you soon,

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