Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberries and Peas

Hello Everyone,

We are opening up the strawberries for u-pick. Please read the following, copied and pasted from our member handbook:


U-pick crops are available throughout most of the season. Most of the u-pick crops are unlimited, meaning that you can pick as much of them and as frequently as you wish. Some u-pick crops are limited. We send out weekly emails stating which u-pick crops are available and what the limits are, if any. The crops are also listed on the u-pick board in the distribution shed, along with a map of the farm indicating where the crops are. In the field the crops are marked with signs. We do not provide containers for the u-pick crops – so if the strawberry limit is 2 quarts, please bring a container to measure with from home. U-pick crops may be picked any day, and any time during daylight hours. We do have to turn on the electric fences at dusk, so please respect our chores (and bedtime!) and finish picking before dusk.

Cumulative Season Limit (for berries)

The limited u-pick crops are quantified using the concept of a cumulative season limit. For example, the first time that strawberries are opened for u-pick we will post the season limit, lets say a quart. You may pick this quart any time you wish. Then, in a week, or in a couple of days, depending on how the crop looks, we will establish a new season limit, say 2 quarts. At this point you may pick a total of 2 quarts to-date for the season. And etc. By the end of the strawberry season the limit may be up to 8 quarts. This means that you could pick all 8 quarts at the end of the season; however, it is best to pick each time the limit increases because this helps us assess the crop more accurately, and also ensures that you get your limit.

We manage the u-pick crops for a little waste. This is necessary because we need to ensure that there is always enough for every member to pick. If we tried to account for every berry we would surely run out, and some members would have nothing to pick. The amount in the patch can change very quickly – it may look like there are bazillions of berries that are going to go unpicked – but by the next morning the patch is well picked. It is hard, as a member, to asses the patch using just the snapshot of time that you are picking and get an accurate assessment of what is going on. Take heart that we carefully assess the fruit patches daily."

Strawberry season limit: 3 quarts
  • There are TWO strawberry patches
  • These are organic strawberries
  • Consider picking tomorrow if your usual pick up day is Tuesday - the parking lots could get pretty full today.
Sugar Snap Pea season limit: 3 quarts
  • Pick only in the 6 beds closest to the bachelor buttons, the peas past this are not ready yet.


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