Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cherry tomatoes

Hellllllooooo from the farm!

Tickets for all of the Healthy Food For All Harvest Dinners are now for sale. If you want to come to the one here at Sweet Land - dinner by Hazelnut Kitchen and wine by Atwater and Billsboro, act now. The dinner here sells out really really fast. This year the hazelnut is doing an all vegetarian dinner - I've heard the menu and I can't wait for that night! Tickets can be purchased online at http://healthyfoodforall.org/ All proceeds from the dinners go to the Healthy Food For All Program. The program is through the CCE and subsidizes CSA shares for people that meet WIC or food stamp income guidelines. There are about 5 farms that participate.

onions (these, by the way, have been extra early b/c we grew half of our crop from sets this year. we like it and will continue to do early onions this way.)
cukes (this may be near the end of the cuke crop -eat them now. We have another generation in the field, as we always do, but each year the second generation has succumbed to mildew and been a big wilty loss. We'll see this year....)
zucchini and summer squash - we are on the second and third generation of squash of a total of three generations.
cabbage - summer cabbage is rolling in! 6 pallet bins of it in the cooler!
carrots - likewise, 6 pallet bins of carrots in the cooler, too.
beets - do I need to write it? are you getting the picture that our cooler is busting at the seams? A good feeling.
salad mix
head lettuce - will is still amaze me how fast this stuff grows in the summer versus the spring after 20 years of farming?
fennel - not the best crop of fennel we've ever grown. Tasty but I wouldn't eat them raw. We didn't irrigate them so they are pretty small. We'll see what the fall crop looks like.
tomatoes - try an heirloom, the crazy looking lumpy ones if you haven't before. They weren't grown for their looks, so that ugliness should tip you off that something else must be extra good about them.

unlimited: flowers, kale, chard, basil (PICK IT NOW, LOTS OF IT, NOW IS THE TIME FOR FREEZING PESTO!!!), dill heads, cherry tomatoes - oh yes, go nuts in there.

limited: tomatillos, hot peppers


You guys delivered this weeks on the recipes - way to go team! keep them coming and I'll put them in the weekly email. Here they are, your fellow CSA member recipes:

Here's one in case it hasn't yet crossed your counter.
Kale Chips.

Our friend told us that her mother used to make mock apple pies out of (drum roll, please)--zucchini! Just slice the zucchini a bit thicker than you would the apples, and add a bit extra sweetener. Seems like you might want extra thickener also. I now have plenty of zucchini to try it with!

I was wondering if you're familiar with Martha Rose Shulman's Recipes for Health in the New York Times. There are some nice ones there. Here's a link to recent ones:


I was just reading the farm updates and saw the tempting zucchini brownie recipe, and thought you'd like this fantastic cucumber salad recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/01/viennese-cucumber-salad/ The smitten kitchen blog is one of my favorites - delicious recipes and great writing.

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