Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, August 16, 2010

Berries are now open, see below.....

Hello all,

Greetings! We seem to have lots of announcements this week so I'll keep it short. The farm is rolling along, not too much drama. It is definitely harvest time. Everywhere we look there is something to bring in. I hope that everyone is enjoying the variety that August brings. We feel pretty happy about the onions that we've been giving out - they have lasted longer than we thought they would. That makes us happy because it's our assessment that, as a whole, CSA members really like onions. So, we figure that if we can supply onions at most of the distributions then, logically, members will be happier. The onions we've been giving out were grown from sets.

Sets are little baby onions that were grown last year, and harvested very small. They store over the winter and then when planted this year in the early spring are primed to race toward bulbing in ways that onions planted from seed this spring are not. So, we planted lots of onions sets to cover the CSA's summer onion eating needs, and then planted about twice that amount to onions from seed. The onions from seed take longer to mature, but they also are able to store through the winter. Onions from sets cannot store through the winter because, as you may remember from above, they already did that as sets. Let me know how the onions are treating you. Paul and I have been enjoying them two-fold, once by eating them, but more by knowing that we have them to give to you! Knowing that those stacks and stacks of onion crates are in the cooler is a load off our minds.

Nuts and bolts: Buy a Harvest Dinner ticket today! Visit http://healthyfoodforall.org/ for details and to purchase. The dinner here at Sweet Land this year will be entirely vegetarian.

Below is an announcement from our friends Melissa and Garrett from the Good Life Farm. We've reserved our turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkeys for SALE!
The Good Life Farm in Interlaken is raising pastured, organic-grain-fed turkeys for Thanksgiving. In September or early October, the Good Life Farm will have a "visit your Turkey day" so folks can see for themselves the life of a GLF turkey.
Price is $4/lb. We're asking for your size preference in one of the following categories:10-13#, 14-17#, 18-21#. We'll do all that we can to ensure you get the size closest to what you requested, but we cannot make guarantees about size. We will ask for a deposit in late September to ensure your order. We have 75 turkeys to sell and are down about 20 already.

For other questions... more info on the Good Life Farm website- www.thegoodlifefarm.org or call Melissa Madden (607) 351 3313, email Melissa at melissa@thegoodlifefarm.org.

Veggie List:
spinach, salad mix, head lettuce, cabbage, kale, chard, parsley, beets, carrots, celery, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, squash, cukes, hot peppers, basil


The U-pick berries are now open. The starting season limit is ONE PINT. The raspberries and blackberries are treated as one item, so mix and match them for a total of ONE PINT. To clarify, this does not mean one pint of each - it means one pint total. Never fear - the season limit will be increasing as the berry season progresses. Please see your member handbook for definition of the season limit. There is a "Handbook" tab on the farm website for your viewing pleasure. Member handbooks are also always available in the distribution shed in the blue metal tub. Please remember - what ever you (and your children) eat in the patch is included in the limit.

Unlimited: chard, kale, new bean patch, flowers, basil, tomatillos

Recipes sent by CSA members:

I've been loving the recipes you've been sharing, and wanted to share some
with you!
I put this recipe on my blog for YUMMY oven dried sungold's I picked last
We also made these last week with the zucchini, a great (excuse the pun) use
for zucchini!

Not exactly a recipe, but a fun thing to do, inspired by your Kale Chips recipe:

Next time you make a casserole that's topped with cheese (lasagna, mac n cheese, etc.), shred up a bunch of DRY kale or chard, mix it with oil and slat, and put it all over the top. The greens will get all crispy. It looks cool and tastes yummy. I got the fam to eat a whole bag of chard (half in the casserole, half on top) without having to cook a side dish!

Thanks all, and enjoy the berries,

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