Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, June 14, 2010

U-pick now open, proceed with caution

We have some u-pick crops opening now. Please reference your Member Handbook, or visit the farm website www.sweetlandfarm.org and acquaint  yourself with rules and methods regarding the u-pick crops.  The rules and limitations are well described in the hand book. If you have any questions about u-pick crops once you have read the handbook, please feel free to email me. Thanks!

U-pick now open:
Strawberries - cumulative season limit, 1 quart  (please be sure that you understand the definition of cumulative season limit.)
Sugar Snap peas - cumulative season limit, 1 quart
bachelor buttons - still unlimited
cilantro - a couple of bunches for this week

I will draw up a map of the farm and put it on the front of the distribution shed this evening. At the risk of contradicting myself by mentioning the following bit of info also described in the member handbook, WE DO NOT PROVIDE CONTAINERS TO PICK INTO - YOU HAVE TO BRING THEM YOURSELF AND HAVE A WAY TO MEASURE WHAT YOU PICK.

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