Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, June 14, 2010

Strawberry Festival

Welcome to your third week of CSA produce out of a total of 26 weeks. Yes folks, especially all of you new CSA members, this CSA lasts until THANKSGIVING. We aren't really a summer CSA, we're a half year CSA. The CSA length is written on the handbook, the website, the join form, but we always have quite a few people amazed that the CSA is still going around October. This year I thought I'd just remind everyone at the beginning. Oh yes, we will be in control of your stomachs for a while yet.

The farm is going great. Last Sunday when Paul and I took our weekly farm walk (in the pouring rain) we came up with a mile long list of very time consuming tasks that had to get done ASAP. Tractor cultivate everything planted, hand weed everything in sight, seed 120 flats of seedlings, plant 30 300 foot beds of winter squash, fix the mower, trellis and sucker 2 greenhouses of tomatoes and European cukes, put up screening on the cuke house, plus have 2 days of distribution. And It's DONE. We don't really know how that happened, we were even short on labor (our labor worked hard last week)!

So, some of you have expressed interest in helping out with harvest - we'd love it! Just send me an email and we can discuss details. Basically we harvest from 7-noon on Tuesdays and Fridays. Harvesting with us is a great way to get to know the farm a little better, and us, too.

Strawberry Festival:

The first annual Sweet Land Strawberry Festival will be Sunday, June 27th from 1-3:30 pm. We'll have lawn games, live music, face painting, and a farm tour at 2pm. Paul and I will provide vanilla ice cream, and you can go out and pick strawberries for a strawberry sundae. Yum. Several members of the farm Core Group are putting this all together. Go Core Group! There will be official evites sent out soon. Please respond to them swiftly so that we can get a somewhat accurate ice cream estimate. Thanks! The core group is looking for some additional volunteers to help the day of, I think you'll be able to indicate on the Evite if you'd like to help.

Now, what you've all been waiting for...... this week's line up: (REMEMBER, THIS IS A FORECAST ONLY)

head lettuce, chard, kale, komatsuna, red and green mustard, beet greens, garlic scapes, celeriac, rutabagas, parsnips, salad mix, pac choi, basil, radishes, hakurei turnips.

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