Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, May 31, 2010

We're Starting!

Hello all,
By now, unless you have just signed up, I'm sure that you've heard that we are starting Tuesday, June 1st, and Friday, June 4th. Hurray! Paul and I did a harvest assessment walk yesterday morning and the crops are lookin' good! We decided that there are 2 things that really calm us as farmers - beautiful, ready to harvest crops, and rain. We have one of the two. I suppose that makes us half calm.

Here is some business:

1. We still have shares to sell. They will be pro-rated as the season progresses. If you'd still like to sign up, send me an email and then just come to a distribution, we'll sign you up there. $50 down payment.

2. Go to www.sweetlandfarm.org and read the "member handbook" page if you have general how does the CSA work questions. There are lots of answers there.

3. We are looking for a couple of harvest and wash helpers for Friday, June 4th and Tuesday June 8th as we are short an employee both of those days. If you'd like an inside view of the CSA here's a good chance. We harvest and wash from 7am to 1pm both days. Let me know if you want to come help out. Kids are fine!

Double Dog Timber Works, owned and operated by our very own Maria Klemperer-Johnson, has erected a fabulous new timber frame entry on the distribution barn. I have a feeling everyone will want to linger there for a bit and will probably not be able to help running their fingers over the smooth timbers. That's all I want to do when I stand there! If you like what you see, and you need some timber frame construction done, go to www.doubledogtimberworks.com.

OK! now for the food:
chard - really, this is almost just like spinach. if you know how to use spinach, try chard the same way.
pac choi - this is the green for stir-frying
broccoli raab
red cabbage - we've been eating nothing but 'slaw!

Evangeline and Paul

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