Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, September 21, 2009

Home grown fertility

Hi all,
Lovely Fall weather! Paul and I just toured the 18 acres of cover crops in the back fields and they are gorgeous. A rich green tumble of oats, peas, rye and vetch. Cover crops make me so happy. I look at them and know that the vegetables next year will be better for them, and they are a beautiful visual indicator that our work for the year in that field is done. I know that the soil will be protected through the winter. Next spring the rye and vetch will green up unbelievably early and their growth will never fail to shock us with its virility. Till in the whole huge mass of it and plant tomatoes! Home-grown fertilizer.
So, here's the more practical side of things:

sweet peppers
hot peppers (we ALWAYS) physically separate these 2 items)
head lettuce
kale, collards
potatoes, beets, carrots
pac choi, tatsoi
green tomatoes,

berries - still unlimited, still good. they will last until the first or second frost (which we haven't had)
the beans and edemames are gone. That ground is being planted to cover crop today. (Isn't it great!)

OK, See you around,

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