Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, September 14, 2009

Berries are now UNLIMITED until frost.

Howdy Fancy Folks,
Greetings from the farm. I hope that all are well. We had a wonderful Harvest Dinner last night here at the farm. The food was delectable, the music soul soothing, and the night satiny smooth. I must say I'm usually in bed before the stars come out and last night reminded me just how beautiful the night sky is. A big THANKS to all of the diners for supporting the Healthy Food For All Program. Paul and I are grateful to be part of the program and to be able to provide about 10% of our shares at a subsidized rate. There are 3 more Harvest Dinners - check out www.healthyfoodforall.org for dates, tickets, and menus.
The farm is rolling along. We are in full harvesting mode. That big walk in cooler is full! Luckily all of you eat though a lot of it every week. Here is the list:

THE RASPBERRIES AND BLACKBERRIES ARE NOW UNLIMITED FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. The picking is good and there are still many ripening berries. The best picking is down low, lift up the lower branches as se what you behold.

tatsoi/pac choi
head lettuce
egg plant
sweet peppers
hot peppers

chard, kale, flowers, beans, edemame

The beans and edemame are almost finished for the season.

Thanks all,

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