Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, June 8, 2009

week of June 8th

Well, now almost all of us have one distribution under our belts, and
probably a lot of greens. It was great seeing all of you here last
week. 25 more weeks to go! Today we're planting winter squash, water
melons, cantaloupes, lettuce, fennel. basil, cauliflower, fall
broccoli, kale, and collards. Clearly still in the planting phase of
the season.
Here's the probable line-up:
head lettuce
hakurei turnips
Asian greens

Remember to check out our website and visit the recipe page. The
website link is listed below. Our family eats lots of greens this time
of year. We're also pretty busy this time of year, so I just grab a
big handful of whatever greens we have on hand, throw them in a big
pot with a touch of water at the bottom, and steam with a lid on until
I remember that they're cooking, then I turn it off, serve onto dinner
plates, and douse with pats of butter and salt.  You can get fancier
than this, but this method tastes good and gets plenty of
healthy greens into your family in a hurry!

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