Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Strawberry season opened

Hello all,
Well it's that time again - strawberry madness! Please read carefully and fully:
1.the u-pick strawberries are open as of Thursday, June 11th.
2. The to-date season limit is 1 quart.
3. refer to your member handbook for a full explantion of the "season limit"
4. you may pick any time, any day during daylight hours
5. if you eat in the field the amount you eat MUST be part of your quart total
6. we do not supply quart containers. Please bring something to pick into and measure with (yogurt quart jars work well)
7. we manage for a little waste to ensure that everyone gets their strawberries.
8. the patches will be marked by chairs in the field, and the farm map on the distribution shed will indicate their location.
9. please remember that we grow fruits as a gift to members, their cost is not reflected in the price of the share. (again, see handbook).

Thanks and enjoy the berries,Evangeline

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