Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Thursday, June 12, 2008

U-pick strawberries and sugar snap peas are open

Yes, we've opened the strawberries and sugar snap peas for u-pick starting Thursday, June 12th. The limit on both of these crops per share is one quart. So, each share may pick one quart of sugar snap peas and one quart of strawberries this week. Both the strawberry and pea patches are on the left hand side of the farm road that leads back to the parking lot. There are wicker chairs set up on either side of the patches for easy identification. You may pick anytime during the week, weekends included. The farm is closed at dusk. Here are several basic rules of etiquette for the u-pick patches:
1. The crops have been carefully assessed to establish the weekly allotment per share, please pick only the amount allotted to a share - for example, whatever is eaten in the patch must be included in the quart limit.
2. Often the far end of the rows are not picked as heavily as the ends closer to the road - head down to the far end if you are having trouble finding enough to pick.
3. We do not supply quart containers. Please bring something to measure your produce with as you pick it - for example a used quart size yogurt container, or two pint sized containers.

Thanks! and happy picking,

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