Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Fever

Hello all! Spring is in full swing here on the farm. We have been busy this season - putting up two more passive solar houses, seeding in the greenhouse, seeding in the field, transplanting, planting a hedge row, and, strangely, irrigating. The weather has been wonderful for field work, but dry enough that some of the crops have needed irrigation. We don't usually expect to start with that until late May. The rain a couple nights ago was wonderful - I walked the fields the next morning and found many new crops germinating.
There are 50 laying hens arriving on the farm this morning. We are all excited to have the fun, sweet energy of chickens on the farm. Their antics provide endless amusement. Yheva in particular has wanted chickens for a couple years - she even says that she'll take care of them (hmm...). They will be living out on the clover field that we established last year, moved from patch to patch every 1 1/2 or so. There will be scrumptious dark-yolked eggs for sale at the beginning of the CSA season!

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tubbsal said...

Hooray for Spring! Looking forward to enjoying fresh local produce all summer!