Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fifth Winter CSA Distribution this Wednesday the 14th

Good Morning!

Note the above hours... I decided to continue going until 7 because so many of you want that :).

Wow, we are having some cold distributions this winter. It's fun, and challenging!  All these dang vegetables are so freeze prone! Well, that's not entirely true, most winter produce is actually quite fantastically equipped to handle some freezing. But there's a limit. Our job on the farm this time of year is to perfectly ride that freeze wave. So ride it we will on Wednesday.

On one funny note, we get so used to calling all of the walk-in coolers "coolers", but this time of year we realize what they  actually are: temperature maintainers. This truer definition is made plain when we have to set up heaters in the coolers to keep the produce at the right temperature.

Please remember that the winter share pays for 6 of the 7 distribution dates. There is a built in miss. If it affects anyone's planning, the March distribution will probably be super spinach heavy. Two of the greenhouses are filled with spinach, but it got planted a bit late this year so it didn't reach harvest size before it stopped growing. The returning light will cause it to  take off again around the last week of February, so by March 11th it will be really booming.

Payment in full for the Winter CSA is due at the last distribution - Wednesday March 11th. However, early payment is much appreciated. Thanks!

Here's a CSA tip I always give people, but had never tried my self until recently: When you have time (preferably right when you get home form pick-up) take some time to wash and cut up all of your produce and put it into containers in the fridge. I did this over the weekend, and it was great! Just setting aside the time to do it made the job fun, and then all week I used so much more produce because everything was right there and ready to use. I highly recommend this practice.

Vegetable forecast for this week:

Kale - This kale is SOOOOO GOOOOOOD right now. It is in its absolutely quintessential kale form right now. Eat it up!!
Cabbage - did you know that cabbage is a green? :) I have been eating some super yummy warm cabbage salads this winter.

See you soon,


The Remaining Winter CSA distribution dates are:
January 14th, January 28th,
and March 11th.

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