Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, November 19, 2012

Food Stamps and Subsidized Winter Shares

News Flash!

I am sorry I missed putting this into the email I just sent out. Here are two very important news items:

  • We can now take payment for the Winter and Summer CSA in the form of Food Stamps (EBT). The whole share can be paid for with this method. We cannot process the payments here at the farm. If you would like to pay with Food Stamps,  Greenstar can process your payments for us. Please give us a copy of the receipt and make sure that your name is on it! If you have any more questions about how to pay for your share with Food Stamps please send me an email.
  • Healthy Food For All is a program that we and several other farmers run along with Co-operative Extension. The program basically offers subsidized shares for CSA members that meet WIC or Food Stamp guidelines. Until recently we have only been able to offer a limited number of these shares to summer members. However, this winter we have money for 10 winter members to join the CSA and have half of the share price subsidized by the program. The program is ideally supposed to make fresh, local food available to people in the community who are new to the CSA experience, and who would otherwise not belong to a CSA. Please email me for more information. 
OK, I hope this helps some people out,

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