Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, August 20, 2012

Farm Week

Hello again!

I hope that everyone is doing well. The farm feels like it is humming along again. We've gotten maybe 2.5 inches of rain in the past couple of weeks and it feels good. We are still irrigating a lot, but it doesn't feel so dire. One indicator of this is that the chard is back on the free choice side. Hurray!

A couple of people have emailed and asked when payments are due. The share is due in full by Columbus Day (Monday October 8th). I send out balances starting about 3 weeks before the due date. The official farm policy (as stated in the member handbook) is that we want payment to reflect the number of weeks that we have distributed. We are heading into the 12th week of the CSA, so to date everyone should have paid at least 12 x $21.66/week= $260 on their share. 

Vegetable Forecast:

summer squash - the recipe I mentioned last week: start some oil or butter heating in a skillet, chop up onions, throw them in the pan, chop up summer squash super thin and throw it in too. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour enough water in the bottom of the pan to cover - about 1/3 inch. Cover and cook on high until the vegetables are limp, then uncover and cook on high, stirring once in awhile until they are nice and caramelized. Sometime I have to add a little more water or fat to keep them from burning. Fantastic. The key is to really make sure that they are caramelized before you call them done. 
head lettuce
salad mix

cherry tomatoes - these are absolutely fantastic right now. Now is the time to pick pick pick. 
basil, flowers (pick those gorgeous sunflowers!
edemame - go for it! Their time is here.
beans! Now this patch is what our beans usually look like - closing the rows and heavy with crop

paste (sauce) tomatoes - 2 gallons

See you soon!

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