Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Distribution today

Hello Winter members,

The next CSA distribution is tomorrow Wednesday, January 18th from 2-6 pm! Remember, you can also request a boxed share that we pack and you pick up from 8-5 the Thursday-Saturday following the main Wednesday distribution. This is $6 extra. The boxes are in the cooler and the extra payment can be put in the purple pitcher on the desk. You can also email for more precise directions.

We are sticking with our new system. Instead of taking one bag from each side of the barn, you take 2 bags total from where ever you want. So, to say it another way, you can now fill two bags with whatever you want, from where ever you want!

Onion note: We have found a few onions that have brown layers in the middle. This is caused from Botrytis that developed during the rainy fall. The onions aren't soft and you can't tell until you open them. Typically this time of year the onions that aren't cured are bad and the good onions are excellent. There is no doubt, but the onions in question look and feel perfect. If you find one like this you can get more the following week to compensate. The one we found we just got rid of the bad wrappers and used the rest. Sorry about that. We don't have the X-ray capabilities to test each one.

Everything else is great. We've been juicing carrots and eating massaged kale salads and fresh komatsuna and spinach from the greenhouse. Yum!! We've also rediscovered how delicious the scarlet turnips are raw. They are super sweet!

Vegetable Line Up:

orange carrots, mixed colored carrots, red beets, golden and chioggia beets, onions, garlic, potatoes, cabbage, kale, collards, napa cabbage, daikon, watermelon and spanish radishes, scarlet queen turnips, gold ball turnips, purple top turnips, rutabagas, celeriac, fennel, kohlrabi, spinach, komatsuna, parsnips, and winter squash.

See you tomorrow!

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