Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Second Week in Brooklyn

Hellllooooo Brooklyn!

Greetings! I hope that your first pick up and subsequent eating went well. We have been eating up a storm here at the farm. I try to post our dinners to facebook if they are made from our food - like us on facebook and maybe you can get some menu planning ideas. On the other hand, maybe you are way better at cooking than Paul and I. If so, post what you ate on our facebook page and inspire a bunch of fellow CSA eaters.

We are so happy to have a CSA down in Brooklyn. Thank you so much for joining our CSA and entering a winter season of eating locally with us. We really do feel that growing for, and eating from a CSA are revolutionary acts. I like to imagine what NYS would look like if EVERYONE in the state ate from local farmers. How many new farms would there have to be? How many new farmers would get a very viable chance to own and run a farm? How would the carbon foot print change? How many new small businesses would get to spring up because of the changing local economic landscape due to all of the new farms? Not to mention the increase in general health of the population if everyone ate a lot more vegetables. And, I may be wrong in this, but my gut tells me that eating what is seasonal to your home is the healthiest thing to do. I think that our bodies need this local food to be healthy. So, way to go! Vive la revolution!

We have about a bazillion more shares to sell in Brooklyn, so, if you liked what you got last time, tell a friend!! We will be packing several extra boxes and sending them down with the rest of the shares so that people can join on short notice.

We are on the Edible Brooklyn blog page! Go to this link: http://www.ediblebrooklyn.com/topics/farms-foodshed/miss-your-csa-theres-a-winter-version-for-pick-up-straight-from-the-finger-lakes/ for all the pomp and circumstance.

Paul is not coming down this for this distribution - Josh Hamlet will be there to guide you through all of your box picking up needs.

Veggies this week:
leeks, acorn squash, onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, rutabaga, celery, gold ball turnip, fennel, chard, spinach, loose kale.

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