Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Farm Week

Hello Happy Eaters!
Happy Growers here. What a stretch of fabulous weather! Our crew has been hustling and are doing a top notch job of getting in all of the winter CSA crops. The cooler is getting FULL. Every time Paul puts another pallet bin in there I swear he must know a shrinking charm. Last weekend I went in the cooler to get a share for a friend who just had a baby and felt like a mountaineer, tunneling through canyons and scaling up and over pallet cliffs to collect potatoes, carrots, and beets from all corners.

Next week is the LAST summer CSA distribution. To say it another way, the Tuesday the 15th and Friday the 18th are the last two summer distributions. The first winter distribution is Wednesday December 7th. If you feel that you cannot possibly survive a winter without Sweet Land food, join the winter CSA. We'll keep you going.

Here is an announcement from the farm across the street from us:

Cayuga Sunrise Farm, across the road from Sweet Land, is an organic forage and grain farm but also raises a few meat animals and has some available for anyone interested.

I have 2 pigs and 1 steer scheduled to butcher tomorrow (Nov. 8th) that are not spoken for so if anyone is interested I am taking orders for whole or 1/2’s. It will be at least a couple weeks before they would be ready for pick-up.

The beef is raised on pasture with some supplemental non-organic grain. The pork is not pastured but raised on non-organic grain and hay (and some apples this time of year). None of the animals have ever had any antibiotics, hormones or the like – they are raised naturally but not actually organic.

Pork will be $1.30/# hanging weight plus processing fees listed on attached cutting instruction sheet.
Beef is $2.00/# hanging weight plus processing.

Please call Rod at 227-0836 if interested to discuss how you want meat cut. First come, first served!

And here is an announcement from High Point:

High Point Farms has a few Meat CSA shares availabe for their Winter Meat CSA. Shares include Grass-fed Beef, Pasture Pork and Free Range Chicken. Pick up is ONCE a month in Ithaca, or at their farm in Trumansburg. During Sweet Lands Winter CSA season you can also pick up there. More info and to sign up:

carrots, beets, leeks, garlic, napa cabbage, kohlrabi, daikon, fennel, kale, collards (kale and collards are super sweet and delicious now from the frosts), butternut, celeriac, celery, tatsoi, pac choi, mustard, radicchio, hakurei, gold ball turnip

U-pick: kale!

Alright, See you around,

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