Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A not too wet farm


Greetings from a wet but doing fine farm. We are so grateful that our farm was basically unaffected by the hurricanes, and our hearts reach out to fellow farmers everywhere, some of whom are having a very hard time. Our ground is pretty wet, we haven't been able to dig carrots for distribution, some raspberries were rotted by the heavy rain, and planting fall cover crops looks like it will be a little delayed, but besides that we're fine.

Just a heads up - share payment is due in full by Columbus Day. I will be sending out balances to every one who has one in the next 2 weeks or so.

Flannery's Notes:
This week Dinner's from the Farm has a twist. In celebration of back to school and the first hints of fall, comes a week of lunches! Bento Mom, Anna Root has crafted 5 days of simple, kid-friendly lunches using ingredients from the farm. Check it out under the "Recipe" tab on the farm website and be inspired. Thanks, Anna!

Veggie Forecast:
Cauliflower - wowza! these guys are pumping it out in the field. Eat some!
Broccoli - ditto above! Expect broccoli for a good while longer
Squash - we are onto our last generation - we grow 3 all told. This generation will last another couple weeks.
Onions - We just pulled in 177 black crates of these so they'll be around for the long haul. 177 crates gets us through the rest of the summer CSA and the winter CSA.
garlic - we give this out every other week til the end of the summer (and then every winter distribution)
beets - also around for the long haul (next June)
carrots - ditto above
head lettuce - about 6 more weeks of this crop
spinach - probably around til the end of the summer CSA (and through the winter CSA too)
celery - these are deelish! I basically don't make a soup or roasted meat with out a head of celery
hot peppers - around til frost
pac choi - the bread and butter of many a person
tomatoes - just a couple more weeks!!
peppers - on and off for a couple more weeks.
cabbage - a steadfast friend til the end
collards - same

green beans - this patch is still looking good and the next patch will be stellar
flowers - still nice!
cherry tomatoes - these are almost through. There are some fruits, but not many.
paste (sauce) tomatoes - Done. I know that they weren't great, but it looks like they all got picked! Back to San Marzanos next year.
Tomatillos - still some on there
Basil - mountains of it! make some pesto to freeze for the long dark cold of winter.
hot peppers - still plenty of the red cherry bombs out past the 2nd patch of tomatillos
raspberries - We are keeping these at 4 quarts for a bit to let everyone catch up on their picking. Members did a good job of cleaning them up this weekend. There are still plenty out there, and LOTS coming on. Raspberries keep going strong until a hard frost gets them.
kale - oh loveliest of reliable healthful food
chard - around til after a couple of frosts
endive and escarole - ditto above

Alright all,
Happy Eating,

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