Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summer 2011 CSA shares on sale for Returning Members

Hello one and all,

CSA shares for 2011 (the farm's fifth season) are now available! Oh boy! Really, this snow will turn to mud and daffodils and spring fever will madden us in a couple of months. We are hosting an exclusive sign-up for all returning members until March 2nd. After March 2nd we will open CSA shares up to the general public. We anticipate selling all of the shares this year and want to make sure that you get first dibs at the 2011 share. Sweet Land is a CSA ONLY FARM - this means that EVERYTHING that we grow is for you, our CSA members. And, logically, our entire farm budget and income also comes from CSA members. You guys are the reason that this farm exists - no pressure. So, we really value your membership and hope that you value the farm and your share. The 2011 summer CSA costs $510 and will run for 24 weeks. A minimum down payment of $50 dollars will secure your share, but we very very much appreciate early payment up to the full amount of $510. We have already purchased about half of our seeds ($6000 of $11,000) and about half of our supplies ($12,000 of $24,000) for the season - no small price tag. Early payments help us keep from getting too deep in debt this time of year. The share can also be paid in 4 installment of $127.50. You can mail in your membership, or bring it to a winter distribution - see website for distribution dates. THANKS for you support!!

Shares this year will work pretty much the same as last year - except... this year you'll receive your very own Sweet Land Farm reusable "Chico" bag. This bag is just the right size for the "One Bag Side". So, the "One Bag Side" will be easily served with your new Sweet Land Farm bag and the other side will remain free choice. We have plans to put up a nice size sandbox for the kiddies and build a few benches. Remember flowers, green growth everywhere and juicy summer food? I've posted a couple of pictures of the farm from last summer on the farm blog (http://www.sweetlandfarm.org/) with the aim of reminding everyone and creating a little farm drool. We can't wait to start growing again. We are in good shape fieldwise this year. Our designated 'spring fields' are either chiseled plowed or have a cover crop ready to warm up and dry out when the sun gets higher in the sky. And many of last years production fields (veggie fields) are sown to a thick cover of rye and vetch, all primed for tremendously fast spring grown of a delicious cover crop. Its coming soon.

Sometime in mid-March we will host the 3rd Annual Great Greens Give-away. If you sign up for a summer share before the event you can pick a BAG of amazing greens from our greenhouses. So, what we are saying is, sign-up now and get a chico SLF bag and fill it full of delicious greens in March. (Doesn't it seem like we really would like you to sign up soon?) You can also sign up for the summer share the day of the Great Greens Give-Away.

OK, Thanks to all of you and we hope to see you around,
Evangeline and Paul
PS - the farm website DOES NOT reflect the 2011 information because we are opening up shares exclusively to returning members until March 2nd.

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