Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Winter CSA Distribution this Wednesday

Hello all,

There is one more winter CSA distribution for those of you who missed one of the other pick-ups, and for those of you who paid for 7 distributions. It is not too late to sign up for this distribution if you have made all of the other days and just want one more go at it. Let me know soon! Distribution is Wednesday, March 2nd from 2-6pm. Boxed shares from 9am-5pm, Thursday-Saturday in the cooler in the distribution shed. And for all of you.....

You made it! One more winter of eating locally and all that that entails. Good Job! Some of your I'm sure are ecstatic to get to go back to Wegmans, and some or you are sad that it had to end just when it was getting really good. Maybe you feel a mix of both. Such is life. We're in the mixed feelings crowd. We're happy to get a little break in prepping for distributions, but sad to not see all of you around for awhile. If you want to keep up with the goings on around the farm I recently put up a farm Facebook page, and plan on updating it regularly. Go there today - I put up a bunch of photos from the farm - including some very early ones that show what it looked like here when we first bought the farm. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trumansburg-NY/Sweet-Land-Farm-CSA/131453550228988 is the link, or you can just search Sweet Land Farm CSA.

At the end of last year's winter CSA we asked members to comment on which winter green they preferred - spinach or komatsuna. Spinach was the overwhelming winner - about 75% of you preferred it. So, this past fall we planted the winter greenhouses to 75% spinach and 25% komatsuna. The komatsuna grew so much better than the spinach this winter that next year we are going to weigh in heavy on the spinach in the early part of the winter CSA and provide komatsuna in the later part of the winter. This seems like the best way to balance the CSA tastes with the way that these greens grow. The spinach holds fine in the cold, but the komatsuna not only holds, it GROWS in the winter. It's hard to knock a green like that. By following this plan we hope to provide overall more greens to the winter CSA in the future.

As we part winter CSA ways, we would love to hear any feedback you have about this winter's CSA. Specifically it helps us if you not only tell us what you didn't like, but how you would like us to do things differently if you didn't like something. We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you are not going to join the winter CSA again. We are also interested in your thoughts on the "One Bag Side" - this was quite different than the way we distributed in years past. Love letters welcome.

Join us for our 3rd Annual "Great Greens and Roots Give-away" and Summer CSA sign up on Sunday, March 13th from 1-3pm. We'll have the greenhouses open to all of you to frolic around in and pick delicious greens, newly rejuvenated by the returning sun. Put a down payment on a summer share and then go pick a bag of greens into your brand new Sweet Land Farm reusable chico bag! Or fill it with roots and onions, or a combination of all if you wish. We'll also have eggs for sale. This event is open to anyone who wants a share, or just want to get to see the farm in the spring, bring a friend!

Come see a muddy spring farm! Sign up for a share! Eat some awesome farm food! Get your very own Sweet Land Farm Chico Bag!! Visit us on Facebook!

Alright all, see you around, and THANKS for a great winter!!
Evangeline and Paul

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