Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Festival

Hello all,

I'm a little late this week, so I'll just give you the bare bones.

Remember, First Annual Strawberry Festival this Sunday, 1-3:30, here at the farm! Live music, ice cream, farm tour, lawn games, face painting, ice cream churning. Potluck! Bring a place setting, chairs, blankets, etc. You'll have to pick your own strawberries...
We are looking for some volunteers to help the core group members who are putting on the festival. If you would like to help, email me. Thanks!

This week's produce forecast:
head lettuce, salad mix, endive (head), chinese cabbage (napa), basil, herbs, hakurei turnips, radishes, kale, chard, komatsuna, mustard, beet greens, rutabagas, celeriac

strawberries - 6 qt season limit
sugar snap peas - 4 qt season limit
bachelor buttons and shasta daisy - unlimited
chard and cilantro - unlimited

member recipes:

I love Radishes sliced on buttered French bread with sea salt in a sammy

A fun way to eat the radish is to cut the tip as a flower, tuck some butter in, touch the little pile of salt in your plate, bite in and bite the bread.

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