Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Great Greens Give-Away

Hello all,

Believe it or not, our greenhouses are BUSTING at the seems with gorgeous
greens. This time of year is when the winter greens like to really take off.
The greenhouses are a verdant harbinger of spring, with their earthy rich
smells, warm soil, and huge growth. Come on out to the farm on March 13th
from 1-3 pm and get some of that green action! We will be hosting a CSA
share sign-up event - sign up for a share and head on into one of the
greenhouses and harvest a bursting bag of greens. If greens aren't your
style, we'll give you a 4lb bag of root vegetables (carrots, potatoes,
beets, rutabagas, celeriac, turnips, etc). Sign up for an egg share and get
a 2 dozen eggs! We will also have roots, greens, and eggs for sale. Bring a
friend or two - this event is definitely open to the public.

If you have already signed up for your share before the 13th rolls around,
you get TWO bags of greens or 8 lbs of roots!! (So, sign up NOW and then
come on out to the farm on the 13th and cash in!)

This is a one-time event, if you miss it there are no make-ups. You may send
a friend in your stead.

MARCH 13TH, 1-3 PM.

Early sign-ups really help us with cash flow and our general peace of mind.
This is the season for all of us CSA farmers to bite our nails and wonder
whether anyone is actually going to sign up again this year.  So come on out
and ease our minds and get some goodies in the process!
Paul and Evangeline

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