Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Frost of the Fall

Howdy Fine Folks,
Mid October! That crept up on me and then pounced. We had our first frost here at the farm last night, as I presume many of you did as well. Jason, one of our workers, went out to harvest broccoli at 8:30 this morning and the heads were still covered with a sheen of ice. The broccoli's fine, however. We actually buy bulk ice and cover broccoli with ice when we harvest it and have to store it in the cooler. The farm is all ready for this kind of weather. Everything left out in the fields is frost hardy to a certain degree (even the raspberries!). The few things that can't take a significant frost, such as fennel, we protect with a white spun polyester fabric called row cover. By significant I mean mean anything below about 28 degrees.

We now have a COMMUNITY BOARD in the distribution shed. It is on the face of the walk-in cooler. You can hang whatever you want up there using the magnets that are provided.

This week's vegetables:
Leeks (hurray!) slice the leaves off, slice the shank in thirds, slice the sections in half, clean under running water, place in a very well oiled casserole dish, douse with oil or butter (fat of choice), salt, white wine, and put as much cheese on top as you like (Swiss is good), and then bake in the oven at 350 until the leeks are creamy and crispy. So so delicious. Bake some winter squash and roasted roots at the same time and make the kitchen cozy hot. That's pretty much how we stay warm in the winter.
head lettuce
winter squash
hot peppers

U-pick: raspberries, kale, chard
all unlimited

Thanks all and see you at the farm,

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