Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Howdy Folks

Hot! It's hot out, and vegetables like heat, so we're all pretty happy around here. The produce is all growing well. The back fields are all light green with their sprouting cover crops that will provide fertility to next year's vegetables. It feels good to get the cover crops in early so that they can really bulk up this summer.

Now, a couple notes from our bookkeeper (me).
1. The mid point of the summer CSA season is the week of August 24th. This means that we need to have received at least half of the money for your membership ($250) by that week. Please check with me if you are unsure of your balance. We require that summer shares are paid IN FULL by Columbus Day (October 12th).
2. We are actively accepting winter CSA members. All of the produce for the winter CSA is already in the ground, and that means that we have already spent most of the money required to grow it. Siging up now for the winter CSA is very helpful to us (mentally and financially!). A $50 down payment will secure your spot. Check the website for more winter CSA info.

Here's the line-up. We hope that everyone is happy with the way we have introduce a lot of mix and match into distributions. We know it's sometimes hard to decide what to take, but we hope that overall you are able to tailor the share to meet you needs with a little more ease than before.

tomatoes - yes, the greenhouse is still blight-free!
hot pepper
head lettuce

Now, moving on...Harvest Dinners. We now have the preliminary menu from the Hazelnut Kitchen for the Harvest Dinner here at Sweet Land, and it looks good! See below. If you would like to buy tickets, visit www.healthyfoodforall.org. There are 3 other farms hosting dinner besides ours - check them out! Please remember that ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE DINNERS GO TO THE HEALTHY FOOD FOR ALL PROGRAM.

Sunday September 13, 2009

Hors d’oeurves (served in the distribution shed from 5pm-6:30pm)

late summer gazpacho

braised pork belly with tomato confit, basil & polenta cake

eggplant baba ghanoush, chick pea fritters

spicy tuna poke in cucumber cup

riesling cured salmon – wonton chip & herb salad

chicken liver toasts w/ fig jam

chiogga beet-leek-blue cheese crostini w/ walnuts

Dinner(sit down from 7pm-8:30)

Roast local pork loin w/ cider reduction, celeriac-apple salad & beet-horseradish relish

Cheese plate- n.y. artisanal cheese, honey, peach chutney & toast points

Dessert - tbd

OK all, see you around!


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