Spring Growth

Spring Growth

Monday, June 22, 2009

Strawberries and Sugar Snap Peas

Hello all,

Greetings from the wonderfully rainy farm.  I like when it rains at
the farm for a bunch of reason - but the best one is because it slows
us down and lets our minds and bodies rest.

Strawberries. We still have lots of lovely strawberries out in the 2
patches. On Thursday (the 25th)  we will make the strawberries
unlimited. You have until then to pick the  eight quart season limit
before we open it up.  As of Thursday the patch will be open to all
members to pick as much as they wish until the patch is finished. Last
year the strawberries were finished on July 4th. The best picking will
be on non-pick-up days because most people pick on pick-up days. So,
if you want to pick a lot, come out on any day but Tuesdays and
Fridays.  Likewise, please to not come to pick on a pick-up day if you
are not also picking up your share. For example, don't come to pick
strawberries on Tuesday if you are going to pick up your share on
Friday. Some of the members live far away and can only get out to the
farm on their pick-up day, and we want to try to ensure that there are
berries for them when they come out.

Sugar snap peas. The new season limit on sugar snaps is 7 QUARTS.  The
biggest peas are the best tasting. THESE DO NOT NEED TO BE HULLED-
just eat the whole thing.  We have lots of peas ripening, so don't
feel that you have to meter out your picking. There will be more.
Pick now!

Remember, bring your own containers to measure with.


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